Let's Go Racing Mesh Bag Cooler (PREORDER)

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PLEASE NOTE: These are estimated to arrive to our shop at the end of August and will ship as soon as they arrive! Anything that you order with it, will also ship at the same time.

Black and white checkered mesh beach bag cooler. Holds at least 10 cans in the bottom cooler. 

The LGR mesh Cooler bag is a mix all of the utility you want (without any you don't need), with the perfect trendy + cute style.

This baby has convenient front zipper pocket for everything you need. quality construction and great materials, without the hefty price tag, making the LGR mesh cooler irresistible!


  • Mesh, Insulated, Thermal, Reusable
  • Large outer front zip pocket to hold miscellaneous items like car keys, phones, etc
  • Wide opening design makes it easy to organize and get items in and out
  • Fabric:
    Mesh, Poly & Nylon blend fabric
    Inside bottom is lined with insulated fabric to keep contents cold for an extended period of time

    19 x 18 x 6 inches