I was a young girl the first time I remember going to the races with my family. Living in a small town in Iowa, it is nearly impossible to not know about a Saturday night figure 8, go cart, mud truck, drag, or circle track race. It was only after I met my husband and we started going to races together, that I realized that as a fan, he had plenty of apparel options for him, but I couldn't find anything made for me to show my support.

In October of 2011, I decided that I wanted to change that, so we started Chix Gear, LLC. The plan was to create an apparel line for all of the beautiful Chix at the races that would be comfortable and still look great!

So much has changed since then...

What I thought was just an apparel line has changed my life in so many wonderful ways. I have met some of the MOST amazing Chix along this journey. I have seen the passion, love and commitment to their sport, whether they are the driver, the mom or grandma, the wife or girlfriend, the daughter or friend. This isn't just something they do on the weekend, it is who they are. Mom helps wash the car on a Thursday night and puts tear offs on the helmet between races. Wives fill coolers, scrape mud, cheer and when it is a bad night, they help pick up the pieces for next weekend. Win or lose, they are still your biggest fan. 

Then there are the Chix that strap in, put on a helmet themselves and breakdown all of the stereotypes in motorsports. ♡

These are families that spend countless hours traveling to races, working on equipment, and many late nights in the middle of a cornfield in small towns all over the country. Have you ever met a first generation racer? I don't know many. These are family trees that are rooted in racing. Several generations passing on the love for motorsports.

What I find amazing is the larger racing family that you meet along the way. Any given night, you will see crews scrambling to help a competitor get back on the track. When tragedy hits the racing community you will NEVER see a greater display of camaraderie and true selflessness.

As a spectator, I appreciated the show, but what I have found is a family, a community, and hundreds of women all over the world that support my dream. YOU are my Chix Army...and I couldn't be more excited for what is in the future for Chix Gear! 
THANK YOU for taking the time to read this.

Brad, Aubry & Ryder Baldwin