Let's Go Racing Mesh Bag Cooler

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Black and white checkered mesh beach bag cooler. Holds at least 10 cans in the bottom cooler. 

The LGR mesh Cooler bag is a mix all of the utility you want (without any you don't need), with the perfect trendy + cute style.

This baby has convenient front zipper pocket for everything you need. quality construction and great materials, without the hefty price tag, making the LGR mesh cooler irresistible!


  • Mesh, Insulated, Thermal, Reusable
  • Large outer front zip pocket to hold miscellaneous items like car keys, phones, etc
  • Wide opening design makes it easy to organize and get items in and out
  • Fabric:
    Mesh, Poly & Nylon blend fabric
    Inside bottom is lined with insulated fabric to keep contents cold for an extended period of time
  • Outside walls do sweat after extended period of time. We suggest placing a clear bag inside before adding ice, or place items inside that are already cold. 
    19 x 18 x 6 inches